Effective July 14, 2016

At Licorice, a service of F-Plat, Inc., these terms apply to all Users. When using the service, you are said to have agreed to the terms as described below.

1. Definition

Words with special meanings used are defined as follows:

  • “The Company” means F-Plat, Inc. ;
  • “The Service” means Licorice and its applications, websites, ... provided by the company;
  • “These Terms”/ “Terms” means The Licorice clause set out below;
  • “User”/ “user” means who accesses and uses the service as an individual;
  • “Registration information” means the information available posted from the user and stored with the company;
  • “Login information” means the email address and password, included in the registration information, needed to log in;
  • “Account”/ “account” means a user who subscribes to the service;
  • “Point”/ “point” is the value of the Company for the user on the service;
  • “cent” is the Point unit;
  • “Job”/ “job” is the unit that the company requests from the service user (for example, questionnaires);

2. The main terms of the application

1. These terms apply to all issues in the service between the Company and Users

2. By using the service, users are considered to agree to all content included in these terms

3. Where there is another description of the service other than those stated herein, the above-mentioned terms shall be prioritized

3. Enough to use

1. The electrical controls for using the service as a user are defined as follows:

  • Maintain appropriately, self-responsibility and cost of yourself, all devices, software, and media.
  • Understand and agree to these terms.
  • If you are a minor, you must get the consent of your parent or legal guardian to use the service.

2. In the event of any violation of the following, the Company may refuse to register the user or suspend the use of the service as a member cancellation:

  • In case of abuse or misuse violating past terms in services provided by the Company.
  • In case of violating these terms or violating other contracts, ...
  • In case of any actions en that the Company rated is inappropriate.

4. The registration

1. Persons wishing to use the service will have to agree to the contents of these terms and must comply with the Customer Registration requirement according to the prescribed methods.

2. In the case of changing the Registration Information, Users must promptly modify their Registration Information and take responsibility for control to ensure that the information is always entered correctly.

3. Users must provide accurate information as required by the Company.

4. Users are not allowed to use multiple accounts, except as permitted by the Company.

5. Many people share an account.

6. In any case, the User may not lend an account or transfer his account to a Third Party.

7. The user attempts to prevent abuse of his / her Login Information and is responsible for implementing information control. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by the use of Third Party login information.

5. Cancellation of members

1. If a User wants to cancel a member, the User will make a request using the specified method.

2. When canceling a member, User will lose it set of points.

3. When canceling a member, the Company will cancel all User Registration Information.

6. Get Points

1. The Company will reward the appropriate points for the User after completing a Job.

2. The Company will conduct activity check for the Job, and if the content is If the respondent fails to meet the regulation, the Company shall be entitled to cancel the number of points granted to the User for that Job.

3. The Company or User manipulates incorrectly, or any other reason for which the score is not granted, the Company has the right to amend the issued grade in that case.

7. Redeem Points

1. When the User reaches over 500¢, the Company provides a method of redemption as follows:

  • Exchange rate is 1¢ = 200VND, User resides in the Social Republic Vietnamism can be exchanged for the equivalent value of prepaid cards of Viettel, Mobiphone or Vinaphone.
  • In case of violating these terms or violating other contracts, ...
  • In case of any actions en that the Company rated is inappropriate.

2. The Company reserves the right to amend or supplement the exchange conditions specified in the previous article without Users permission.

8. Credit expiry date

1. The expiry date of the Score will be 2 years from the date of the last Point redemption. Changes to the number of Points defined below:

  • The Achievement of the Score.
  • Job Change Points

2. If the score does not change before the expiration date, all points in possession will become invalid.

9. Personal information

1. The Company will process the information appropriately, based on the following policies to protect personal information:

  • The Company will keep personal information confidential, and does not disclose to any third party.
  • The Company will not use or use personal information for any other purpose except where necessary and with a reason. The Company will be dedicated to implementing security management measures for personal information.
  • Except necessary backups as part of security measures, without prior consent text, the Company will not back up or reuse the use of personal information.
  • When personal information is accidentally used outside of its intended use, accessed by unauthorized persons, lost, destroyed, replaced i, disclosed, etc., or when there is a risk, the Company will immediately report back to the information provider.

2. The obligations stated in the previous article will last until the end of the service provision.

3. In this Section, “Personal Information” is information concerning individuals, the full name in the information, date of birth, contact address. and other descriptive information, or images or sound recordings that can be identified individually. It can be tangible materials, or it may even be that an individual cannot be identified, but can easily be compared to other information and thereby allow an individual to be identified.

10. Ban

Users and service users are not allowed to perform the following acts. If they violate the ban, the Company will cease business with the Current User and take measures such as deleting the Account. accounts, claims for damages, and the like.

  • In the process of conducting Jobs, acts of sending inappropriate information, or speaking or misrepresenting content.
  • Violations of intellectual property rights such as copyright or trademark rights, or similar acts may be those violations.
  • Ownership violations third party, privacy, or public rights, or similar infringements.
  • Discriminatory acts that are unfair or offensive to third parties, including g m Both the Company and the Creator, or acts that damage reputation or trust.
  • Commissioning for the purpose of violating third party property or rights.
  • Connect behaviors or like to connect to crime.
  • The acts of inciting crimes or violating the terms of other Users.
  • Repeating behaviors do not match Combine or erase information stored on Company servers.
  • Behavior of sending malicious computer programs to Company servers or Creators. vi intentionally putting pressure on the server’s download bandwidth.
  • According to the behavior that interferes with the Company’s activities, the network, or the system or actions may cause obstacles such as so.
  • The behavior violating the Company’s or the Creator’s intellectual property rights.
  • Violations of laws, ordinances or public order.
  • Other acts that the company determines are not suitable.

11. Intellectual property rights

1. All Content included in the Service is the property of the Company or of Users and other content providers and is protected under the laws of Japan and other implementing countries. Application as well as international law relating to intellectual property rights.

2. A person must be approved by the Company and the copyright owner Current content before copying, editing, and distributing publicizing, or transmitting, the Content of the Service.

3. The Company may use, copy, modify or transfer publicly the Content transmitted to the Company by Users using the Service only. when the Company is authorized by the User.

12. Disruption, Suspension, and Termination of Services

1. The Company may add, change, or interrupt the Service at any time for any reason.

2. If the service terminates, the Company will notify The user is on the Services page at least 30 days before the Company terminates the Service.

13. Disclaimer of liability

1. The Company is not responsible for losses incurred in case of inputting errors, errors or unreadable documents.

2. The Company is not responsible regarding system damage (regardless of the hardware or software) caused by the User in using the Service.

3. SSL encryption technique used in the Service during the process of importing information but The Company does not guarantee the confidentiality of the entry.

4. If there is any damage that is not caused by the negligence of the Company, the Company shall not be liable for such losses. Harmful to the Company or for a third party to use the Service, the User must bear the costs and liability for such damages.

5. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by system interruption, delay or data loss during communication failure, computer or similar or due to incorrect data access.

6. The Company may provide appropriate information and advice to Users, however the Company is not responsible for such actions.

7. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by violations of the Terms by Users.

14. Administrative law, etc.

1. These terms are governed by the laws of Japan.

2. The Tokyo District Court is the only court approved with respect to disputes arising from use the Service.

15. Change of Terms

These Terms are subject to change without prior notice. In addition, if the Terms are changed after the process required in the Service, the Terms at the time of request will valid.

16. Contact

If you have any queries or complaints relating to your Personal Data, wish to make a request for access or correction of your Personal Data, or would like to withdraw your consent in respect of the Personal Data being processed by us, please contact:

FlashJob/Licorice Support Team
c/o F-Plat, Inc.

4-8-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo
Japan 102-0083

Email: info@licorice.pink

Contact No.: +81-3-6261-6860