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The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Do Market Research

Licorice is a self-designed application, where more than 60.000 users from various backgrounds use the app to give their input in the form of survey. Every market research process that we do is controlled by a cloud system that makes our product more cost-friendly than other market research companies.

Our application sends the survey to a target market that you can decide on your own through smartphone application. OR Our application connects you with your desired target market in the form of survey through this smartphone application. You can decide your own respondent target e.g. gender, age, occupation, yearly income, etc. From the various backgrounds of our user base, you can cultivate input and insight from a wide range that fit your research purposes.

Our product can assist in market research process, company brand planning, customer gathering, recruitment, and other activities so that your business can grow.

How It Works

Marketing Research in Vietnam

To better understand local market, it is necessary to have input from local people about certain matters. In Licorice, the questionnaire from you will be checked first by our local staff before being dispatched to Licorice user to be answered, so the result that you will get is going to be focused on the desired topic. You can also ask the users to upload photos related to the topic. By observing the gathered photos, you can analyze and cultivate insights with even more details. Other than survey about daily life, you can also do surveys about knowledge level, market competition, etc.; you can do many other kinds of market survey!

Survey Menu

Market Research (Quantitative Analysis)

You can do a market research about lifestyle, needs, knowledge, market competition, etc.

In-depth Interview (Qualitative Analysis)

Our staff will gather potential respondents, and we will connect you through video conference so that your in-depth interview process will go smoothly.


Photos that are sent by the users will be gathered into one theme that you decide. Then, you can analyze your target market needs to improve your products or even create a new product.

Sample Distribution

Samples are distributed to the client's desired target market. After distribution, target market is asked to use the product samples, and from there clients can get better reference about the product. We can also do quantitative data research before or after the distribution by using survey. For example, distributing food or beauty product etc. to stores, schools, or exhibitions.

Flow of Application to Delivery of Result


Discussion and Registration Process

1-2 Working Days

You can inform our staff directly of what kind of information that you need. We will give you input regarding the questionnaire that will be made and assist you in the creation process. If you have prepared the questionnaire beforehand, you can directly register using the followingRegistration Form:

The questionnaire that you send will be looked over by our staff to check the question and answer choices, so that the questionnaire sent to our users will be easily understandable and to minimize errors.
If you need any assistance on making questions, please feel free to contact us.


Questionnaire Distribution

1-3 Working Days

The questionnaire that you send us will be translated into easily understandable language that fit the desired target market's location (if you chose optional Translation service), and will be immediately delivered to be filled by Licorice users.


Result Delivery

The filled questionnaire will be checked again by our local staff, and if there is any answer that contain incorrect information will be eliminated.
Non-multiple choices questions (free answer) will be translated (if you chose optional Translation service), and our expert staff will process the data from the questionnaire into a comprehensive report (if you chose optional Data Processing service)


Market Research (Quantitative Analysis)

Optional Services

Data Processing Option

Filled out questionnaire will be processed by our expert staff to be made into a comprehensive report.


Translation Option

Option where you can choose to use our translation service for questionnaire free answers or even the questionnaire questions itself.

Price:15 points & 500 answers at US$500

*Every additional 1 point will be charged extra 5% from the price above.
*Additional 500 samples will be charged extra US$500

*The fee for translating questions is included in the price.

Image Gathering

US$1000 / 500images/photos(Every additional 100 photos +US$200)

Price above includes:
Respondent target setting and questions’ wording correction.
Each image/photo’s validation checking.
Delivery of clean 500 images/photos.

In-Depth Interview (Qualitative Analysis)

Basic Price:US$5000for an interview (Only available in Indonesia)

Price above includes:
Interview process flow
-Suitable respondents gathering (max. 3 people, for 4 people and so on there will be additional charge of Rp500.000 per person)
-Video chat preparation
-Interview location preparation (for respondents)
-Interview location preparation (for client)
-Video interview recording
-Preparation of interview process report

Sample Distribution

Call us for price information. (Only available in Indonesia)

Price determination differs for each product and sample distribution location. Please contact us for more information.

Basic information about Vietnam (2017)

PopulationApproximately 93.7 million people
GDPApproximately US$ 223.5 billion
GDP per capitalUS $ 2,385
Economic growth rate6.81%

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vietnam Basic Data

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