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We are strong in Vietnam & Indonesia Marketing!

Licorice is a marketing platform (App & WEB) that can be used to reach your potential customer directly through their smartphone. We have more than 300.000 registered local Vietnamese and Indonesian users. Using Licorice is the easiest and fastest way to blast your brand’s promotion, do market surveys, recruitment service, gather local information etc to the locals!

About Our Service

  • Southeast Asia Promotion

    Plan your business strategy together with our local staffs so your promotion will be effectively recieved by your local customers / potential customers! You can try our menu such us pay-per-use Pointback Campaign, or other promotion menu that could help your brand’s promotional needs.

  • Market Survey & Information Gathering

    You can ask questions about things you want to hear from your customers via our survey feature, and you will get the answer as fast as 24 hours. You can also set your respondent’s specification to reach specific age groups, genders, occupations, income, etc. Our registered users are from different type of backgrounds so it’s effective to reach targetted customers and know deeper about their needs.

  • Recruitment

    We have an “Introduce-to-get-reward type” of recruitment system, where our users can use their networking that enable you to find out the employee that cannot be obtained with regular job advertisement and recruitment services.

  • Coupon Distribution

    You can distribute your product/shop’s coupon so our users come to your shop. This is the most recommended feature for business to reach their customers and make sales!

Study Case

Respond to the surveys and missions available on Licorice and get your rewards!

Register your account and respond to our surveys and missions! You can exchange your collected points into special giftcards. Click here to be redirected to the survey page.