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Licorice User Interview Vol.1

Our expansion in the Southeast Asian market has started with Licorice

Mr. Masuko from ASAHI SHOES, LTD. Direct Sales Division





The shoes manufacturer established in 1892.
ASAHI SHOES provides "Healthy" themed products which are developed from cooperation between the company, academia and medical industry. With these Japan made high quality shoes, now they have start to expand overseas.

------- Please let us hear about your overseas strategy.

We are looking at expanding to multiple overseas market, with our high quality shoes which are manufactured at the factory in Kurume City, Fukuoka Japan. Now we are slecting which market to go on.

------- Is there any problem starting up activities overseas?

That will be getting a grasp of quantitative data (marketablity, preference, or purchasing trends in specific market), which is very important in early stage of planning the strategy. We are trying to develop the sales strategy, with knowing needs on shoes, and what value our products features can possiblly provide to middle to high income local group, which are our target customer, from an objective point of view.

------- Why have you choose us for the survey?

Because Licorice has its strength on highly growing market such as Indonesia, and Vietnam.

─── How did you feel on the report we have made?

We have had proposed survey contents not only just take surveys, I have impressed with well-thought-out questions which are designed from our rough requirement. Also, the report was very carefully made and easy to understand.
I felt that once the client narrows down target and purpose, Licorice can take more accurate surveys.

The part of the report

─── How are you going to use the report?

I'm sure that I'm going to use it for developing strategy with knowledge of preference for brands and trends of sales channels. Also, the convincing report made by external company should be useful for getting consensus from company staff.

─── Do you have anything expecting from us in the future?

We are hoping to do surveys on middle to high income people. Also, we need your help to develop network at local market.

─── Is there anything else you want to add?

I have to mention that Licorice staffs always respond quickly. I like your polite and caring attitude.

─── We are going to support your overseas activities in many ways!
Thank you so much for today!!

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