Promotion in Vietnam

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Survey with Ads

Your ads can be delivered in accordance to the survey answers that were chosen by our users. With segmentations that match the chosen answers, users can access advertisements that fit their interests. After users click on your ad, they will go directly to your product's web page, and users will gain in-app points.

Flow of Application to Delivery of Result


Discussion and Registration Process

1-2 Working Days

You can inform our staff directly of what kind of promotion you want to apply. We will give you input regarding the questionnaire that will be made and assist you in the creation process. If you have prepared the ads beforehand, you can directly register using:

The ads that you send will be looked over by our staff to check the question and answer choices, so that the questionnaire sent to our users will be easily understandable and to minimize errors.
If you need any assistance on making questions, please feel free to contact us.


Distribute Ads

1-3 Working Days

Our company will translate the questions into Vietnamese, then send them to Licorice app. If panel attributes are specified, the tasks are displayed only for users with specified attributes.



You can check ads distribution number and answers for questions on your dashboard.

Service Fee

Price = Cost per click X Total Maximum Clicks

-You can set Cost per click from $1 to $10.
-You can decide Total Maximum Clicks on your own.
-The points that users get will change according to cost per click that you’ve determined; the higher your cost, the higher the points that users will get.


Total Accumulation Option

Option where you can pay according to total clicks from users, without having to determind your own number

Optional Price:US$300

Translation Option

You can choose this option if you would like a translation of your ads.

Optional Price:US$300

*The fee for translating questions is included in the price.

Basic information about Vietnam (2017)

PopulationApproximately 93.7 million people
GDPApproximately US$ 223.5 billion
GDP per capitalUS $ 2,385
Economic growth rate6.68%

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vietnam Basic Data

The main member attribute in Licorice (Vietnamese version)



Annual household income

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