Entrust Licorice for your Promotion, Market Survey, and Business Expansion in Vietnam & Indonesia!


Service Overview

Reach your customers directly through Licorice! Licorice is a One-Stop Marketing Platform that you can use to reach Vietnam & Indonesia market.

Service Overview

You can entrust Licorice for your Vietnam and Indonesia Marketing, Promotion, and local staff recruitment service. We have more than 300.000 local users registered and have branch offices in both country, so we can fully support your business expansion needs!

  • Licorice, A Marketing Platform

  • Support from our local offices

  • You can reach our more than 300,000 users directly and get them give you business insights, promotion, etc

  • Our local office will support your business expansion process

    • Promotions
    • Market Survey & Information Gathering
    • Recruitment
    • Coupon Distribution
    • Marketing/Sales Proxy
    • Local Data Gathering
    • Various business consulting
    • System Development

About Licorice

Licorice is a marketing platform (App & WEB) that can be used to reach your potential customer directly through their smartphone. We have more than 300.000 registered local Vietnamese and Indonesian users. Using Licorice is the easiest and fastest way to blast your brand’s promotion, do market surveys, recruitment service, gather local information etc to the locals!

From information gathering to report making, we base all the activity with cloud systemation that can be controled and managed effectively, therefore we can offer you a reasonable and cost-friendly price.

The users that are connected through Licorice are mainly Southeast Asian in the productive ages, who are the tow of SEA’s economy growth. If you approach our users who are mainly trend-awake and has a strong purchasing intention, not only you can do survey for current trend happening at the local market, but you can actually build local market awareness towards your product/services.

Indonesia Office

Our small office in Jakarta has a wide connection troughout Indonesia. PT Fortuna Platina Indonesia is a 100% Indonesian Domestic Company, so they have limitless access to local market.

Company Name PT. Fortuna Platina Indonesia(略称:F-Plat Indonesia)
AddressMenara Mandiri II Lt.16 Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 54-55 Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan 12190, Indonesia (ジャカルタ市スナヤン地区)
Establishment DateDecember 2018

Vietnam Office

Vietnam Office is our direct branch office that mainly established for system development. We have a lot of skillful IT engineer who are experienced in Japanese IT system development. Along with high-quality system development, vietnam branch office also offer to support your Vietnam Business Expansion.

AddressRoom 1450, Hapro Building, 11B Cat Linh, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam(開発オフィスはハノイ市カウザイ区に所在)
Establishment DateFebruary 2015

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