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About Licorice App

Throughout the smartphone app, Licorice distributes jobs to local users in each countries.
When jobs are completed, local users redeem prize such as prepaid card for mobile phones, gift cards for online shopping, or cash.

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What's Licorice?

The features of this app

Let get the prepaid card on your mobile phone by answering the questionnaire in the free time!

Just by anwsering the survey from some companies in your free time, like before going to bed or in lunch break, you can get equivalent to 10¢~100¢ for 1 question.
You can convert the collected points to Amazon Gift or Line Pay, as 1¢=1JPY.

The surveys will include some simple questions, such as "What is your favourite movie?", "Please send me the picture of the dish you ate for lunch today"!

Let answer the questionnaire quickly and get the pocket money!

If you invite your friends now by email or Facebook, you can get 20¢ per person!
Beside that, if you invited 5 people, you can get 40¢ from the 6th people!
And then, the invited friends also get 20¢!

Since the number of invite people is unlimited, so let invite more and more your friends and your families!

New works will be added everyday. So if you use Licorice app everyday, you can do your work anytime, everywhere!

Examples of work

Please send me the picture of your breakfast today.

Please tell me the name of this dish.

Please tell me the main ingredients used in this dish.

Please tell me the price that you paid for this dish.(input the numberal of the price only)

Please tell me where you ate.

How often do you eat this dish?

Please tell the reason why you ate this dish.

Do you eat breakfast everyday?

Please tell me about your breakfast.

Please take the picture around your house. (you can send more than one photo)

Please take the picture of the place where you often go to, like school or company. (you can send more than one photo).

Please take the picture of your favourite scenery in Vietnam. (you can send more than one photo).


Respond to the surveys and missions available on Licorice and get your rewards!

Register your account and respond to our surveys and missions! You can exchange your collected points into special giftcards. Click here to be redirected to the survey page.