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Recruitment in Indonesia

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One-stop service that covers from receiving application to setting interview

  With Licorice, you can distribute job vacancy to target employees that match your criteria (gender, residence, age, etc.). You can sort job applicants who sent their CV through our platform easily, so that your recruitment process becomes easier.

Flow of Application to Delivery of Result


Discussion and Registration Process

1-2 Working Days

You can inform our staff directly of what kind of recruitment you want to apply. We will give you input regarding the questionnaire that will be made and assist you in the creation process. If you have prepared the ads beforehand, you can directly register using:

The recruit information that you send will be looked over by our staff to check the question and answer choices, so that the questionnaire sent to our users will be easily understandable and to minimize errors.
If you need any assistance on making questions, please feel free to contact us.



1-3 business days

Our company will translate the recruit information into Indonesian, then send them to Licorice app. If panel attributes are specified, the tasks are displayed only for users with specified attributes.



You can check and manage applicants on your dashboard.


Price = Basic Cost US$300 + Total interview x US$10

-You can decide Total interview number on your own.
-Price Includes:
-Setting up job vacancy post
-Customer support
-Checking of data received.

Basic information about Indonesia (2017)

PopulationApproximately 2.55 billion people
GDPApproximately US$ 9,323 billion
GDP per capitalUS $3,877
Economic growth rate6.68%

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Indonesia Basic Data

The main member attribute in Licorice (Indonesian version)



Annual household income

Region (Top 10 Regions)

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